Marina Porto Heli εναέρια λήψη

Let us introduce ourselves

Welcome to Marina Porto Heli!

How we started

Marina Porto Heli is the outcome of a 4-year construction project, forged under private investment, municipal cooperation, and COVID-19 complexities that echoed up to the summer season of the year 2020. Operations began on a pilot mode basis, in the summer period of 2021, and reached their second full year in 2022.

What we offer

Within the last two years, the marina’s presence is already adding up extra yachting days in the area, thus expanding the season from early May to the end of October. Yachts also take the winterizing option, due to the safety and security provided, developing in this way a new mooring base.

The port facility can accommodate 149 boats with a Length Over All of 8 – 55 m. and a draft up to 4.65 m. The main services to yachts are electricity (16 – 125A) and water supply on each berth. For a limited number of boats there is also the option of a power supply up to 250A. All electricity and water consumptions are reported digitally to the marina management system, and in this way, transactions are concluded much faster.

Aerial shot of Marina Porto Heli waterfront
Marina Porto Heli waterfront

Marina port consists of 840m (about 2755.91 ft). heavy duty concrete floating pontoons system, including two breakwaters on the East and West side, each one having two more pontoons attached vertically to it. The land strip and landscape extend to a length of 260 m (about 853.02 ft). overall.

Berthing at Marina Porto Heli – Benefits

Aerial photo of Marina Porto Heli establishments
Aerial photo of Marina Porto Heli establishments

The facility is in a traditionally yachting destination area at Porto Heli, Argolis, in Greece, which is a fully protected creek, crawling with boats during the summertime. A boat slip for launching and hauling vessels up to 10 m. of length, is available on the east side of the marina.

Transportation on the floating concrete network includes the use of golf-karts, e-bikes and e-bicycles, which can also be available for rent from yacht customers during the summer season period or/and winterizing.

The water quality is excellent, in contrast with the town water network, which is not recommended for use by boats

Marina security includes 24/7/365 facility personnel, and a network of CCTV cameras, monitoring the area. A high-speed WiFi network is also available, with option for higher bandwidth upon demand from customers.

Team achievements & what to expect from us in the future

Marina operations are based on the implementation of a thoroughly designed, programmed, and constantly monitored management system, of Air, Land, and Sea procedures, which are being performed by an exceling personnel. Both in 2021 and 2022 the marina reached full capacity during the summer season.

915 boats visited the marina in 2021 and until October 2022 another 1400 boats were recorded.

The core of the success of reaching such high numbers lies with the team operating Marina Porto Heli. The port personnel have significant experience of more than 15 years in docking ships at commercial large ports. They work in direct cooperation with the Navigational Station of Piraeus Port, and keep a friendly customer approach. They perform all tasks associated with mooring and docking procedures.

The office group with a graduate level management, handles all customers’ requests, from booking applications to conclusion of payments. They also provide all information to boaters for any other available services for them or their boats.

Security and cleaning personnel keep the facility safe and intact, assisting customers to adapt in the vicinity, as well as informing them on marina rules and regulations.

Marina Porto Heli docking points
Marina Porto Heli docking points

Our future demands we stay true to our word of providing high-end services. Our teams will grow. Sustainability will remain a high priority for us. After all, we strive to make Porto Heli a favorite berthing destination for all yachts cruising the Mediterranean region.

Would you like to know more about us and maybe use our establishments in the near future?