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Sustainable yachting at Marina Porto Heli: How the greenest marina in Greece works

Marina Porto Heli is an excellent example of sustainable yachting in Greece. Operating in harmony with the environment, we have adopted a number of initiatives and practices that aim to protect marine ecosystems, reduce our environmental footprint, and raise awareness among our visitors. Discover how we became a leader in sustainability in Greek yachting.

What is sustainable yachting?

“Sustainable yachting” refers to a greener approach to sailing and yachting while considering environmental protection and sustainability. The goal of sustainable yachting is to reduce the impact of human activity on the waters and the environment, saving energy and allowing sailing enthusiasts to enjoy the sea in a more sustainable way.

Why is sustainable yachting important?

Oceans are vital to our existence, supplying food, oxygen, and livelihoods for countless individuals. Embracing sustainable yachting safeguards these precious waters, guaranteeing their health and vitality for the generations to come.

This is achieved through practices that reduce the environmental impact of yachting, such as:

  • Use of renewable energy sources. The main practices include using solar and wind energy and reducing energy consumption on the boat.
  • Use of sustainable materials. Construction and maintenance of vessels utilize eco-friendly materials that pose no harm to the oceans.
  • Waste management. Sustainable yachting promotes proper waste management, including recycling.

Boat owners and operators, as well as modern yacht marinas, can set an example by adopting sustainable practices and encouraging others to do the same. Such a collective effort can lay the foundations for a more promising future in the seas.

5 ways Marina Porto Heli promotes sustainable yachting

Marina Porto Heli champions sustainable yachting, melding top-tier services with a profound commitment to environmental stewardship and resource conservation. Below, explore the five pivotal strategies we’ve implemented to realize this vision.

Promoting recycling

We’ve strategically placed recycling stations across the marina for a cleaner environment and minimized waste. This nudges our guests towards recycling habits, cutting down landfill contributions. Moreover, we offer dedicated collection services for oil and organic waste, ensuring their eco-friendly and responsible disposal.

Solar panels

We have also installed solar panels on the marina sanitary facilities. This initiative makes a significant contribution to reducing the ecological footprint itself, contributing to the reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Protecting the coastal ecosystem

The marina is constructed using eco-friendly materials. Moreover, we consistently monitor water quality to adhere to regulatory standards. Yacht maintenance within the marina is carried out with an ecological mindset, and our landscape design, paired with our structural infrastructure, serves to preserve the balance of the local ecosystem.

Environmental behavior code

Marina Porto Heli maintains a strict environmental behavior code. The area is consistently pristine and well-maintained, inspiring visitors to adopt eco-conscious practices. This commitment entails ensuring the environment remains litter-free and disposing of waste responsibly, fostering a sustainable and healthier environment for all.

E-transportation within the marina

Marina Porto Heli promotes the use of electric vehicles within its grounds. This green mode of transportation not only reduces our carbon footprint but also significantly curtails CO2 emissions in the marina vicinity. Furthermore, it mitigates noise pollution, ensuring a tranquil experience for our guests.

Book your berth today and experience the greenest marina in Greece. We provide safety, environmental awareness, and a space that offers peace and cosmopolitan atmosphere just a stone’s throw from top destinations such as Porto Heli, Kilada Argolidas, Spetses, and Tolo.