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Marina Porto Heli: Discover the most innovative marina in Greece

Find out everything you need to know about yacht berthing in the modern Marina Porto Heli

Marina Porto Heli is one of the newest, most innovative marinas in Greece. With eco-friendly facilities and supportive services designed to provide a variety of easy and safe options for vessel berthing in Greece, Marina Porto Heli is your go-to marina for safe escapades in the Mediterranean.

Choose the Marina Porto Heli for a hassle-free boat mooring in Greece, and opt for a range of docking and maintenance services tailored to your needs and expectations. Resolve effortlessly any issue that may arise upon your visit to Greece, and relish the bright sun and crystal clear waters of Porto Heli.

Marina Porto Heli facilities and services are exclusively designed to fulfill guests’ expectations, showing the utmost respect towards the surrounding environment.

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Sail off from an ideal location for boat berthing in Greece

Located in the heart of Porto Heli, in the east part of Peloponnese, Marina Porto Heli is an ideal location for boat mooring in Greece. Its natural bay provides protection from any hostile weather in the Argolic Gulf, while the marina floating pontoons create a second safety ring, shielding all moored vessels.

Surrounded by a vivid Mediterranean landscape, of olive trees and azure waters, marina moorings can accommodate up to 149 yachts and sailboats, with a max length of up to 55m. Use electricity power supply from 16A up to 125A, and fresh water on dock, and enjoy your yacht with no further worries.

Enjoy the private and tranquil environment of the innovative Marina Porto Heli

Organize the docking of your boat in the newest marina in Greece

Focusing on respect for nature and for the protection of the coastal ecosystem
A strict code of environmental behavior is followed at Marina Porto Heli. The whole area is kept clean, and the water quality is checked to comply with the criteria set by the respective agencies.

Aiming at the safety of sailors and visitors, as well as their environmental awareness, Marina Porto Heli has been constructed with environmentally friendly materials. At the same time, the landscape architecture and the buildings’ infrastructure, help in maintaining a harmony on the local ecosystem.